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20th Symposium of the International Scientific Centre of Fertilizers (CIEC)

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The 20th International Symposium of CIEC focuses on the special challenges of urban and suburban agriculture.

Due to increasing food demand on the one hand and decreasing fertility of many sites on theother hand, urban and suburban agriculture gained importance. The aim of the 20thInternationalSymposium of CIEC is to bring together and provide a forum for discussion for scientists from all over theworld involved on research, development and application of technologies for plant nutrition.

During the symposium different sessions should be held in order to cover the most important subjects relevant to nutrient management in urban, suburban and alternative agriculture.

  • Sessions:I. Organic and inorganic fertilization in urban and suburban agriculture
  • II. Fertilization aspects in horticulture plants, vegetables and non-food crops.
  • III. Fertilization aspects in organic farmingIV. Nutrient cycling with waste products and agronomical sustainability of their applicationV. Nutrient management and its implications on plant disease development and control.
  • VI. Plant - beneficial microorganisms interactions
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