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Manual for Best practices in Soil Conservation and Soil Fertility Management for farmers in the Seychelles

Rédigé par Mr. Keven Selwin Nancy Modifié le

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Langue English
Editeur Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA)
Date 2012


Soils conservation and fertility (5,15 MB)


The best practice of soil conservation and soil fertility is the use of the land within the limits of economics practicability, taking into account its capabilities and needs to keep it permanently productive. Such practices aimat reducing the adverse effect of agricultural activities on the environment, including the cultivated slopes, the streams and rivers, the coastal plains and the marine environment Soildegradation is the loss in quality and productivityof the soil due to change in nutrient availability and soil organic matter.

This is brought about by human activities such as farming. The different forms of soil degradation are: SOIL EROSION; FERTILITY LOSS; LAND DEGRADATION.

The soil conservation and fertility best practices are simple to manage as they do not require theuse of hi-tech technology.The Manual falls within the Capacity Development for Sustainable Land Management (SLM);Project funded by theGlobal Environment Facility (GEF);Grant signed between theGovernment of Seychelles (GOS);and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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