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Control methods against the spiralling whitefly in Réunion

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Lutte prophylactique

In case of high infestation, carry out a thorough trimming and destroy the plant debris. In addition, specially in nurseries or in places commonly used by the public, it is possible to apply an insecticide taking care to wet thoroughly the leaves and reach their inner surface.

Liste des luttes chimiques

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There is no registered insecticide for this use. However commercially registered products in general treatment of trees and shrubs for ornamental purposes or flower crops against several piercing insects and notably whiteflies may reduce the populations on ornamental plants: different products based on bifenthrin (e.g. TALSTAR S, 1 ml to dilute in 5 l of water), or buprofezin (APPLAUD FL to the doage of 1.5 ml for 5 l of water) are available for amateurs. For the same use, PLENUM 50 WG to the dosage of 0,4 kg/ha (pymetrozine), PREFERAL ( Paecilomyces fumosoroseus), biological treatment used at 1 kg/ha, or ADMIRAL (dose 0.250 l/ha, pyriproxifen) are reserved for professionals. Besides, APPLAUD FL, authorised for garden use and PLENUM 50 WG can be applied at the same dosage on susceptible crops (e.g. egg plants). In case of successive interventions, treatments should be done with products of different chemical families.

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