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Biological control programmes in Canada, 1981-2000

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Auteur revue / ouvrage Mason Peter G., Huber John T.
Titre revue / ouvrage Biological control programmes in Canada, 1981-2000
Editor CABI Publishing
Lieu d'édition Wallingford
Année 2002
Nombre de pages 583
Type de publication Ouvrage


Biological control in Canada has in important role in pest management. Factors that have generated continue interest include greater emphasis on organic crop production and low/no pesticide use, development of resistance to chemical pesticides and de-registration of chemical pesticides. The last two decades have experienced increased activity in the evaluation and development of fungal and bacterial pathogens for inundative biological control of insects, weeds and plant diseases. This reflected by their coverage in more than one third of the book's chapters. While introduction of new natural enemies, covered in over 60 chapters, remains an important strategy, inundative technologies using pathogens represent the next generation of pest control products.

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