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Videos: International Scientist School on ACP, Vietnam, March 2018



  • Plenary session at the International Scientist School in Can Tho, Vietnam, Mar 2018 © Philippe Cao Van (Cirad)

Here, 31 videos show scientific presentations and a field trip on ACP.

They were shot during the International Scientist School on Agroecological Crop Protection in Can Tho, Vietnam, from 11 to 16 March, 2018.

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1. Introduction to the International Scientist School

2. Agroecological Crop Protection: Principles and Approaches

3. Agroecological Crop Protection: Research and Case Studies

4. Agroecological Crop Protection: Modelling

5. Agroecological Crop Protection: Soil Health

6. Agroecological Crop Protection: Biodiversity

7. Field Trip

You can also go to the Agroecological Crop Protection Network YouTube channel to watch these videos.

Below and on the following pages, are the same videos.