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  • Video shooting on weaver ants in Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam © Philippe Cao Van (Cirad)
  • Film crew (left, Deguine, right, Truc) on the shootnig on weaver ants in Ben Tre Province, Vietnam © Philippe Cao Van (Cirad)
In this media page, you will have access to several videos made during the project.

Under "Videos: Using weaver ants as biocontrol agents"...

... you will watch videos on testimonials from vitenamese farmers on how they have been using weaver ants in their citrus orchards. The use of weaver ants as bicontrol agents is a traditional approcah to Agroecological Crop Protection.

This film comes in 4 versions, available in a short (5’) and a longer version (17’), each with English or French subtitles.

Under "Video: Twin International Scientist Schools on ACP"...

... there is a single video that gives an introduction to the ACP-ACTAE project and the Twin International Scientist Schools on ACP with shots from both schools (Volterra, Italy, in February 2018, and Can Tho, Vietnam, in March 2018). Dr Nguyen Thi Ngoc Truc (SOFRI) from Vietnam is the speaker.

Under "Videos: International Scientist School on ACP, Vietnam, March 2018"...

... there are no less than 31 videos shot during the school that took place in Can Tho in Vietnam on 11-16 March, 2018. They show the presentations and high points of the school, a great way to learn about ACP in general and in Southeast Asia in particular.

You can also go to the  Agroecological Crop Protection Network YouTube channel to watch these videos.


One of the videos on using weaver ants as biocontrol agents.