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Practical guides

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Here you will find practical guides on the establishment of a genetic resource bank, FAO fact sheets and other resources related to the Germination project.  

Genebank Standards

This document, published by FAO, aims to define a set of standards and methods for people involved in conservation of food plant genetic resources.

Because the good conservation of these genetic resources affects as well biodiversity's safeguarding as food security, these guidelines represent any legislative obligation. These standards may be seen as a help to those who wish to optimize their resources banks or harmonize methods on international models. They are also a good practice guide that each CRB can choose to follow on a voluntary basis.


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Genebank Standarts (9.13 MB)

Establishment and management of field genebank

Resulting from the collaboration of the IPGRI (International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, ancestor of Bioversity International), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Asian Development Bank, this book is a guide for conservation of plant genetic resources.  

From the international legal framework which governs genetic resources to the different methods of conservation through the safety issues, this text is a welcome aid in the creation of a gene bank, but also a reference for managers Biological Resource Center already experienced yet. 


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FAO Resources Book for Crop Wild Relatives

FAO resources document about Crop Wild Relatives. These plants are varieties close to most widly cultivated crop species. Crop Wild Relatives may have many interests, especially for research and agriculture.


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