Gamour: long-lasting protection against vegetable flies in Réunion

Written by Jean-Philippe Deguine, Pascal Rousse - Cirad, Chambre d'Agriculture de la Réunion Modified on the

  • GAMOUR : vers une protection durable contre les mouches des légumes à La Réunion

It has been observed that vegetable flies are the main pest of cucurbits (courgettes, chayos & pumpkin) in Réunion. But the only solution available for farmers thus far has been broad-spectrum insecticides. These insecticides are expensive and are becoming less effective, but mostly they pose a serious threat to the environment, the farmer and the consumer.

Gamour offers an alternative.

This project builds on the theoretical basis of agro-ecology for sustainable management of the fly problem. It involves applying a set of techniques for managing fly populations (SP5 package) in a coordinated manner on a whole production area, during large time scales (up to several years). It restores and balances the bio-ecological components of agro-ecosystems: the principle of agro-ecological protection.