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Biochemical tests

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  • Galeries API 20E

They generally concern:

  • Oxydative or fermentative metabolism
  • Presence of a particular enzyme: cellulase, oxydase, catalase, pectinase …
  • Use of particular sources of carbon, citrate, malonate …
  • Degradation of complex molecules : starch, gelatin


The specific methods frequently used are :

  • Galeries API 20E : miniaturized version of the classical biochemical tests for the identification of Enterobacteriaceae of which Erwinia forms part (23 biochemical reactions).
  • BIOLOG : identification of the Gram bacteria - based on the use of 95 sources of carbon. This technique gives biochemical profiles which are compared by a software with those of other species contained in a database “Microlog” which indicates the closest species.


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