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Procédure à suivre pour l'envoi d'échantillons dans les laboratoires de la Réunion (envoi de la Lettre Officielle d'Autorisation)

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This procedure will facilitate the diagnosis, the preparation of inventories of « harmful organisms » of countries as well as the analysis of plant samples for pesticide residues within the PRPV control program. To benefit from those services, the person concerned must scrupulously respect the following rules :

  1. Each person must inform by email the SPV department and Bruno Hostachy or by fax (02 62 33 36 08) of his intention, giving precision as to the reason, the nature and the origin of the sample as well as the quantity. To make the SPV’s work easier, please download the Lettre Officielle d'Autorisation (LOA) Official Letter of Authorization as from this page, fill it up and attach it to the request email.
    It must be clearly indicated that this request is formulated in the PRPV/IOC framework.
  2. Each request will be studied and a LOA delivered to the person in French or English. It is an import permit for material of a scientific nature, and this entitles the material to benefit from a derogation..
  3. Each person will have to respect the conditions imposed and ensure that the phytosanitary officials of the requesting country signs (at the bottom on the left hand side, below) the form sent beforehand by the Réunion SPV. A phytosanitary certificate may accompany this request, but it is not a strict necessity.
  4. In all cases, the parcel must be hermetically closed so as to avoid any potential dissemination.
  5. Finally, ensure that at the very start, the laboratory identified has given its agreement for the analysis.
  6. When sending the samples, it is necessary to warn the laboratory and give precisions concerning the dispatch (date, Airway bill number, transport agency, …)



NOTE: The SPV Réunion accepts samples of plants and biological materials from other countries and outside the framework of PRPV. The procedure is somewhat longer and requires a demand for the official admission letter (LOA) to be printed and sent to Réunion.

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