Au pôle de protection des plantes (Réunion)
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Introduction to life sciences

Written by Sophie Della Mussia Modified on the

Different scientific disciplines within the life sciences, studying pests or beneficial to plants cultivated or wild.

  • Weed science for weeds or invasive plants, part of botany, science devoted to the study of plants.
  • Entomology for insects but also other harmful arthropods(myriapods, mites ...) and useful adjuncts.
  • Nematology for nematodes
  • Bacteriology for bacteria
  • Mycology for fungi
  • Virology for viruses and viroids
  • Genomics for gene analysis
  • Ecology for interactions between this organisms
  • Phytopathology for plant diseases caused by pathogens(bacteria, fungi and viruses). This discipline involves bacteriology, mycology and virology.