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Second steering committee for IRACC

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  • Deuxième réunion du comité de pilotage d'IRACC

The Regional Agroecology and Climate Change Initiative (IRACC) held its second steering committee in Anse aux Anglais in Rodrigues on 8 and 9 December2011. This provided an opportunity for the representatives of the project andthe IFAD to discuss action taken in 2011 and to widen activities in 2012.

The meeting was unique thanks to the participation of senior officials from the countries of the Indian Ocean, namely from Comoros, Madagascar,Mauritius, the Seychelles and Zanzibar. It was also the official launch of which is developed and managed by the e-PRPV (Enlargement and Sustainability of the Plant Protection Network), an IRACC partner.
Again, the strengthening of regional ties has been helped by the creation of a pool of correspondents in each country who will work closely with e-IRACCand PRPV communication officers and will provide updates for the joint webportal. Moreover, the focus was on of national and regional training by specialists and national experts, and exchange visits between the islands of the Indian Ocean to promote action between the different members of the project.
The various officials present at the workshop were impressed by the dynamics that exist within the IRACC and especially by the strong motivation ofall members involved in the successful promotion of ecological practices in the region. These officials will now contribute to the success of the project and the integration of national agroecology programs.

Source : Mavuna No. 1, monthly newsletter of the Vice-President of the Ministry of Production, Environment, Energy, Industry and Crafts of the Comoros,January 2012.

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