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Security and phytosanitary products

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  • La sécurité et les produits phytosanitaires

Knowing the toxicity of the products:

1- Labelling: It is necessary to read always the label to know the dangers of the phytosanitary product for human beings and for the environment as well as the precautions of use and for storage. Keep the products in their original packaging, keep the label intact. (For the meaning of the symbols on the label, consult the special security file of the INRS)

Avoid poisoning when applying the product and protecting the contamination areas of the body:

2-Protection of the skin and the mucous membranes: Wear adequate clothes when spraying products to avoid burns and irritations: equipment for individual protection composed of waterproof and distinctive working clothes, gloves and waterproof boots. Avoid any contact with the face and more precisely the eyes by wearing protective glasses, a screen or a complete mask.

3- Protection against ingestion: do not drink, do not eat, and do not smoke during the manipulation and in the working zones. Wash your hands, your body immediately after all manipulations. Wash also the protective equipment before taking them off to avoid auto contamination.

4- Protection of the respiratory tracts: the contamination varies according to the formulation of the product, the finer the particles, the more pulmonary problems are to be feared. Take care of having certified respiratory protection masks, equipped with ant anti-dust filter and/or adequate cartridges when spraying the products.

Avoid contamination risks when applying security measures after use and the storage rules:

5- Rinsing: wash the spraying equipment after use as well as the working clothes and the other protection equipments.

6- Storage: ensure that the products are correctly stored and out of the reach of children. Limit the access to phytosanitary products to authorized personnel only and never store them with foodstuff. Do not store the protection equipment with the products to avoid contaminating them by the toxic emanations coming from them.

(To know more, consult the special security file of INRS on the use of phytosanitary products…


Did you know ?


Phytosanitary products are classified according to their chemical formulation (organophosphates, organochlorides...). They are commercialised as preparations constituted of one or more active matters that destroy harmful organisms or forbids their installation. The risk linked to the use of phytosanitary products is conditioned by three elements :


  • The toxicity of the active molecules contained in the product
  • The physical form of commercial speciality or liquid or solid mixture that influences its capacity of dispersion and of contact with the individual.
  • The nature of the other elements constituting the product.