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I use the passenger way

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  • Poster de sensibilisation des passagers sur l'interdiction d'introduire des végétaux frais (posté dans les aéroports).

The passenger way is reserved for goods without commercial value. The control is done at the existing customs check points (Gillot, Pierrefonds, Port-Réunion). The phytosanitary services delegate the control to customs officers except in the case of a particular risk, where the controls are done together.

The dissemination of the Spiralling Whitefly or Aleyrode (Aleurodicus dispersus) in the Mascarene archipelago results mainly from plants transported by passengers. At the end of 2004, the insect was discovered on the coast near Gillot, then in a few months it was all over Reunion.

In 2004, 177 interceptions of plants were realized by the customs services at Gillot.

Please note :

Any undeclared goods is liable to :

  •  custom seizure followed by destruction,
  •  fines that may reach 75 000 €,
  •  legal prosecutions against the holder (up to two years imprisonment)

For more information, consult the Plant Protection Service of Reunion.

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