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Wwoofing in Réunion

Written by Camille Gilles Modified on the

  • Ferme des Bois de Lait

The farm is in the hills above the town of Saint Leu in the area known as Colimaçons, an outstanding location which has a close relationship with nature.Wwoofing, which stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms, whereby volunteerswork on organic farms, has been practiced here since 2009. The farm, run by Aurelian and Julie, is very successful.

The concept is simple: the farm receives WWOOFers who provide support for crops (gardens, vegetable gardens, animals, etc.) In exchange for this assistance,WWOOFers are fed and housed by their hosts.

Thisexchange, based on friendliness, allows one to experience an alternative lifestyle and environment.

WWOOFers participate in family life at the farm; they share meals and work about 5 hoursa day (except weekends) at different spots on the farm.


Could you be a wwoofer?

This unique experience is aimed at open-minded volunteers eager to discover a new universe.

With wwoofing, they can discover local life in a different country and become integrated, whilst learning about different ways of life and, of course, organic farming techniques.

Wwoofing has been around in France since the end of 2007, with about 500 farms and more than 10,000 wwoofers per year.

To find out more :

  • Wwoof France : http://www.wwoof.fr/
  • Wwoofing around the world : http://wwoofguide.com/le-site-de-wwoof-international/
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